The single best thing you can do for great SEO…

Awareness of SEO has moved from the geek-sphere to the commonplace. Anyone vaguely in the trade will be familiar with the shift — people at social gatherings will now happily sidle up and ask ‘what should I be doing about my SEO?’ without shame.

The single best thing you can do for SEO is play great footballCollectively we’ve been in the trade now for well over 20 years and with Reverse Delta since 2002: we’re well used to the query.

Our answer has shifted over time, as the web matures and people have become wise to the smoke and mirrors of the early generation of ‘SEO gurus’, we’ve focused less on SEO as a separate activity and more on the way good practise, effective structure and great content will naturally keep the search engines interested.

More and more of this can be taken as read, with a well-crafted website from an established developer and built on a suitable web platform. There are many, many things you can do behind the scenes to keep the search engines interested …but more of these now simply fall out of a good development process.

Recruiters are at a big advantage here – they have rich sites, with a long history of dynamic content and ever-changing updates. In that sense, the nature of their business is naturally more interesting to the spiders …and especially so if their site is built with a search engine optimised development product like FXRecruiter.

Just play great football

The single best thing you can do for SEO is to have great content. Just as the single best thing a football team can do to get noticed is to play great football. If you have something interesting to say, people will be interested. And if people are interested, the chances are the search engines will want to find and promote you.

Nobody wants to back a loser, and that’s how you should think about the search engines. They like a flutter — see Google’s ‘I’m feeling Lucky’ button — but mostly they back the winners. And winners have great content.

Make sure your website has the basics covered — useful tagging, image tags, a good rich structure that’s easily crawled, headings that match the content — but don’t try and be something you’re not. Be yourself, and be excellent.

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