When Candidates are in Large Supply? More SEO needed!

A chat with my colleague Dave earlier today about the effects the recession is having on SEO for Recruitment Companies.

The Apparent problem: When there’s so many more people in the market looking for jobs, haven’t we achieved our goals, and got more visitors, regsitrations, CVs (i.e. people) to their website?

The web analytics can do you a service and a dis-service at the same time.  Yes – the sites have had more hits in recent months, more registrations, CVs etc.,  but there comes a point where it’s quality that counts.  100 useless CVs are nothing but a hinderance to any recruiter.  100 good ones could be even worse… same number of jobs but more good candidates.

If visitor levels increase to the point where the recruitment company decides enough is enough – “We’ve got all our traffic now – your job is done as far as SEO is concerned” – what do we reply?

It’s simple – the same approach that print magazines, newspapers and journals have used.  Circulation (or visitor numbers) is important.

If you were a potential client wanting to find the best recruiters for the job, would you pick the site with 10 visits a day or 500 visits a day?  I know which one I’d be inclined to pick.

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