Jobsite: When SEO isn’t the only answer has a goal – you may well have guessed it from their TV adverts… the goal is “to become the UK’s most recognizable online recruitment brand and drive client vacancy performance across all sectors and regions, both now and in the future.” – they’re pretty clear – they want to kick aside sites like Monster and go very very big.

When this starts to happen, it’s an interesting thing in itself for us die-hard SEO types.  How dare they suggest that they don’t want people to find their jobs using Google or Yahoo.  By pumping a £15m TV marketing budget into the recruitment site, the Daily Mail group want to get the people to type in rather than look for the job they’re hunting for on Google or Yahoo.  It’s a brave move (and only one that this sort of a budget could accommadate).  But in some ways it makes sense.  It’s becoming a search engine – that’s all – and think of it from a client’s perspective – posting jobs there could be a bit cheaper than a SEO campaign as long as the candidates they are targeting are using jobsite.

Jolly good luck.  It’s an interesting experiement, but not one I’m holding out for.

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  1. I think they are going to see increasing competition from the job aggregators or “job search engines”.

    They need to be a “destination site”. Many people coming out of long term employment due to redundancy and the credit crunch will not know which job board is best for them. The will naturally turn to Google first (or perhaps Jobsite if it really does become a household name).

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