Workcircle endorses keyword-rich URLs with microsites

This article reproduced in part from Onrec, shows me an interesting, often debated concept – that of keywords in your domain name. Keywords in domain names have very little importance in actual ranking calculations – that’s been the case for years now. The positive effects people see are a consequence of sites linking to the domain using the URL as anchor text – link text containing keywords is what helps the domain rank, not the actual appearance of the keyword in the domain name. Our own blog is a great example of this. Google may well ignore the fact that ‘recruitment seo’ is in the domain name, but if people link to us, the anchor text is highly likely to be ‘Recruitment SEO’ – a valuable keyword to this site (since that’s what it’s about!).

Leading jobs aggregator Workcircle has launched 11 new sector job sites in the UK under their ‘ABC’ brand.

This represents Workcircle’s most aggressive expansion yet. Workcircle CEO Simon Appleton says, “Now more than ever, jobseekers are looking for the best way to find a job quickly, and job advertisers are looking for the most cost-effective way to attract the right candidates. Workcircle addresses both these needs, and we’re building on the massive success of our generalist UK site to launch our first wave of new niche sites”.

The sector sites, launched under Workcircle’s sister ‘ABC’ brand include:

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  1. Absolutely, you hit the nail on the head. If someone links to us, they’re likely to add spaces to make it more readable, eg ‘ABC Engineering Jobs’, and that’s good SEO for the site. We can see that happening quite often in links to the main site – ‘work circle’ – although it’s much less useful!

  2. umm actually keywords in domain names are very important!
    just look at todays search results. Maybe they only play a small part in the whole “getting to the top” thing, but when you get 150,000 web results, those top 10 places are only a small fraction of results. Sure, we can all build the same websites and have the same seo done for a certain keyword, but the only edge you can have over any other company is the keyword domian, or one containing it.
    i think what Workcircle have done is a very wise move, shame they couldnt get

    that would be much much better!

  3. adding to above, having just searched for the keywords above in google eg sales jobs

    those domains above all appear on the front page. there are a couple above which dont, but thats because they dont have good sites behind them if at all.

    Try It!!!!

  4. James

    Thanks for the comments – the very point I was making was that keywords are important in domain names because of the link anchor text when people link to you. Keywords in a domain name without anyone linking to you using those keywords are – rightfully – irrellevant to Google. Try registering a domain such as ‘’ and have every link pointing to it saying ‘motorcycle’. It might well show up for ‘motorcycle’ but unless the site’s CONTENT and META contain “my great keywords” a great deal, the keywords in the URL are useless.

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