Tweet your jobs… the easy way

I’ve seen so many articles recently about complex mothods of getting your jobs ‘fed’ onto Twitter.

It’s so simple and there are a few sites / providers out there with vested interests giving people all manner of complex advice about how to automatically display your jobs on Twitter.

It’s so simple to do and I feel the overpowering urge to tell you how before someone else tells you a more complex way.

  1. Get the URL of your jobs RSS feed no RSS feed? Get a new recruitment website!
  2. Create the Twitter account that you want to use (five minutes’ job!) to display the jobs
  3. Login to that Twitter account
  4. Go to or and submit the RSS feed (i.e., paste it in), and authenticate it.
  5. Bingo… one more channel to get your jobs to the world – using the world’s fastest-growing search engine – Twitter.

Oh… and don’t forget the bit that people so often miss out on… PRMOTE YOUR CHANNELS – make sure people know they can digest your content in whatever way suits them.

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