How should recruiters deal with truly Free Job Boards?

With a massive pressure to reduce costs, it was a sort of inevitability that some big firms were going to club together and produce a truly free (well almost) super-job board. ‘United We Work’ was set up earlier this month in the US by the Fortune 500 companies.

“We believe that if we can break those [cost barriers] down, it may stimulate an employer to hire now instead of waiting six months,” said Jason Kerr, founder of QuietAgent, the technology developer behind the website.

The site, (at, won’t compete directly with online job board giants CareerBuilder and Monster – job seekers don’t search and apply for specific positions; rather they complete a standard résumé. It’s an interesting experiment in the US where unemployment is currently 10%.

With so many big firms putting their weight behind the new board, it’ll be interesting to see the level to which (if at all) traditional job boards are hit in the US.

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