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It seems one of the most fundamental things, but do people search for “Jobs”, “Recruitment” or “Vacancies”?  It’s about time we buried this one – so many of my clients come from hardcore recruitment backgrounds and as such can get a bit bogged down in industry terms, rather than thinking of terms that people actually search for.

Google insight was launched recently and is proving to be a great indicator of what people search for if you learn to use it wisely.

The graph shows how we can put the example in the opening paragraph to bed…  People search for jobs.

But it doesn’t end there… Google Insight gives you some massive powers to get under the search results. For example; you may want to target people in Leicester if it’s ‘Jobs in Retail’ search traffic you’re after, whereas more Brentford People search for “retail recruitment” (see below, taken from the ‘Download CVS option on the Google Insight search shown above.

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  1. Its amazing how many job descriptions still say “a fantastic opportunity for the right individual” – as can be seen by searching Google:

    People don’t search for “opportunities” and do not consider themselves “individuals” — those writing the job descriptions can really benefit from some basic copywriting training and a sprinkling of SEO appreciation.

    How about “a well paid job for a [insert job title here]” instead? That is more likely what they are looking for!

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