A Tweet in store for innovative online recruiters

Today’s recruiters need a tool that helps recruiters quickly identify the right talent. Twitter, whose traffic in the UK has increased threefold in 2009 already – fits the bill, having moved rapidly into the top 100 UK sites, and seemingly climbing faster still.

Using social media tools, such as Twitter, for recruitment may no longer be an optional extra. Businesses may have to do it just to stay in the game, notes Jessica Meher, marketing and communications manager at Nashua, US based Akken Inc. that offers hosted software focused on the staffing and recruiting market. (Read Jesica’s full article here )

Meher said while newspapers and job boards are a good way to source candidates, social media provides a new way to engage with potential employees – and it’s free.

Tweeting your jobs is another way of using the site (something we at Reverse Delta are looking into right now, as it happens!). This is already happening all over twitter – such as this Manchester Nursing Jobs link shows.

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