Keep em coming back

If there’s one thing that keeps coming up as a source of frustration, it’s getting low visitor retention rates.  As an SEO person, you do all within your power to bring new traffic in tot he site, it seems such a shame to let it go off again!  Here’s some tips  about generating repeat visits.

1. Content – keep it coming and they’ll keep coming back.

If the content isn’t right then your market will let you know pronto.  A good site should have two new items a week. Less than one a week and you will endanger losing repeat visits.  Keep it fresh.

2. Know your analytics

Few visitors,  low levels of repeat visitors,  low or declining average session time, or a high bounce rate.?  See the signs!

3. Ensure that goals are prominent on the site.

How do your candidates register?  Apply? Subscribe?  Have you taken a step back and looked how easy it is?   How do your clients post jobs to your site?  If they can’t do, how can they contact you?  Will they bother clicking three times to find your phone number?

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