Does your web developer ‘do’ or ‘get’ SEO ?

A good web developer for your recruitment website is a huge asset to any recruitment web design project – or indeed an in-house developer can be to a recruitment company if it’s large enough. But many developers do not seem to ‘get’ SEO – probably because they don’t see the need to.

I’d liken this to a brickie not ‘getting’ what an architect does – or even trying to understand the process of architecture. A brickie could pretty easily build a house without an architect – so why would they need one?

This fascinating story on SEOMoz shows a web developer’s foray into the world of SEO – it’s a great read.

This is a democracy – use your vote

Just wanted to clear something up for a client who didn’t fully understand the use of ‘nofollow’ links when adding comments on blogs etc.

As we all know (surely!) a link to your site is generally a very good thing.  A link with good anchor text is generally even better.  This is because Google et al will understand what is at the end of that link to be summarized by the context of the anchor text.  (“Click here for Marketing Jobs” is good “Click here for Marketing Jobs” is not) Continue reading “This is a democracy – use your vote”