Gain some insight!

It seems one of the most fundamental things, but do people search for “Jobs”, “Recruitment” or “Vacancies”?  It’s about time we buried this one – so many of my clients come from hardcore recruitment backgrounds and as such can get a bit bogged down in industry terms, rather than thinking of terms that people actually search for. Continue reading “Gain some insight!”

What is a job search engine? Beyond Google and Yahoo!

Traditional organic SEO means (to put things simply) focus on mainly Google (organic) results and, if you have time, Yahoo (organic) results. It’s no wonder – if someone wants to find something on the web, we all know where people go first – it makes sense to focus your resources there. But what happens when they discover a ‘new’ search engine? Continue reading “What is a job search engine? Beyond Google and Yahoo!”

Meta Title tags: Good ones vs long, boring, spammy ones

According to many sources, the optimal character length (including spaces) is 68. That is the number of characters Google will display in its SERPs (see below), and any keyword after the 68th character is cut off and I am starting to believe that it is either disregarded or given less weighting in keyword searches.

I have seen sites come up very high in the rankings with longer title tags, so I would venture to say that Google doesn’t give demerits for title tags longer than 68 characters, though I would be wary of creating title tags much longer than 80 or 90 characters. Continue reading “Meta Title tags: Good ones vs long, boring, spammy ones”

Days in the Month and website analytics

February’s just finished and it was a bad month for reporting on website progress.

That’s possibly what a lot of people may be thinking anyway. One often overlooked fluctuation factor in Month on Month analysis in Web Analytics data is simply the number of days in the month. February is a prime example where you go from 31 days in January to only 28 in February (except leap years) resulting in an apparent 9.7% loss in traffic. Continue reading “Days in the Month and website analytics”

If all else fails…

A lighter moment…. but maybe something that reminds us more of how keen candidates are worth their weight in gold…

A Salford man secured a job by standing at a road junction in Manchester advertising his availability for work on a sandwich board. Jason Fruen had been made redundant five months ago. He spent several hours on two days last week standing at Junction 9 of the M60 near the Trafford Centre in Manchester, before receiving a job offer. Continue reading “If all else fails…”

Go for the goal

Websites have different goals and a single website may have more than one goal.

With recruitment websites, there are some fairly obvious goals and some not so obvious ones. Obvious may be

  • Candidate Registration
  • Candidate Application
  • Client contacting you or posting a job
  • Someone filling int he contact form

Less obvious and more subtle goals exist though.  How about signing up for a free resource – like a newsletter, subscription to your RSS feed, signing up for email alerts or SMS alerts.  All of these are ‘conversions’ of one type or another.  Some have immediate and clear ‘value’ whilst others are more subtle, but can be just as valuable in the long term. Continue reading “Go for the goal”