Linked in – the upmarket job board

Interesting article by Robin Goad on Hitwise, about Linked In’s demographics.  Linked In is fast becoming an intelligent way to find employees who are effectively pre-filtered by being members of Linked In in the first place.

LinkedIn has a different user profile to your average social network. It over represents with two key Mosaic lifestyle groups: Group A – Symbols of Success (people with rewarding careers who live in sought after locations, affording luxuries and premium quality products) and Group E – Urban Intelligence (young, single and mostly well-educated, these people are cosmopolitan in tastes and liberal in attitudes).

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  1. A straw poll at a recent recruitment training seminar I attended showed about 75% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find new candidates. It can also be used effectively to find new potential clients. I do worry that it will become a victim of its own success and turn into a glorified recruitment marketplace and online CV library.

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