Optimising Conversion rates

The importance of conversion rate optimisation is derived from the benefits that it has to offer.  It’s normal – (if simplistic) – to assume that your SEO goals for a recruitment website are to gain

  • more clients
  • more candidates

‘Normal’ – because the old-fashioned and still important addage of getting traffic to your site can only be a good thing – and simplistic because getting people to the site in itself doesn’t do you any good at all.  No-brainer time: It’s what they do when they get there that counts.

How about these overarching example  goals:

  • Gaining better, friendlier clients
  • Gaining repeat candidate visits
  • Getting more revenue / visitor
  • Getting more applications / click
  • etc etc…

There are numerous benefits of optimizing the conversion rate of your website, and it only adds to what you are already achieving through your website. For instance: Out of every 100 visits only 5 goal conversions occur. This effectively means that the website conversion rate is 5%. On the other hand it also means that 95 visitors do not perform the desired action.  Making minor changes to your website could very well increase the website’s conversion rate to 10%. Your site’s efficiency just doubled and at the same time your cost per acquisition is reduced by half.

Mentioned below are few of the benefits of conversion rate optimization:

  • Increasing conversion rate will give your recruitment business more candidate applications / registrations (the most obvious one!).
  • You can earn more profits than your competitors even if they get more visitors than your website. This is because you would be converting more visitors into business £s than they do.
  • The increase in profit, as a direct result of conversion rate optimization, will help you make your online recruitment business more robust. The profit can be used to expand your online offerings and consolidate your online presence.
  • The process of conversion rate optimization will help you to address the shortcoming(s) of your website. This will make the website more users friendly and thus enhance the overall website experience.

In short… your marketing might work brilliantly… does your site work as well?

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